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Organisations all across the world strive to improve service delivery and seek out ways and means of making their organisations more responsive to the needs of their Customers and Management partners. This trend has led organizations to explore and utilize IT solutions to streamline their operations.

The Futuristic Legal Case Management System is a comprehensive and open Legal Case Management System that will enable organisations to be more effective and efficient in the management of legal cases. It is a web based system with the ability to link geographically dispersed locations together. This ensures that the system remains scalable unto the future.

The system has the ability to:

  1. Record, process, store and retrieve all aspects of legal data including case numbers, name of parties, the court details, geographical regions, legal team details among other details
  2. Track various cases including giving reminders of case hearing dates and status of cases
  3. Capture physical files into soft copies that can be viewed electronically with a comprehensive Document Management Information system
  4. Generate letters advising witnesses to attend court and also multi-level management analysis reports
  5. Interface with existing electronic mailing system and if possible an SMS system through which the system can be able to automatically notify various stakeholders on progress made on each case
  6. Capture and manage tendering processes including various securities details including bid, performance and account guarantees among other contractual documents
  7. Produce detailed reporting information to various stakeholders in a particular case


Some of the exciting features of the system include:

1. An Open System: This system is built on open technologies making it possible to integrate it to new functionality quickly and more effectively. Open Source technologies do not require you to pay licensing fees thus significantly saves you from expensive yearly software costs.

2. Reliability, Scalability and Performance: This system has been implemented in leading corporate institutions with large legal departments and has been reliable and scalable. Because the system is web based, you do not need costly software to be installed on your user desktops but instead can be able to access the system anywhere (including computers in a cyber cafe or using your smart phone) at any time.

3. Integration and automatic reporting: This system will be able to notify you, your professional team, your clients and other stakeholders automatically through email or SMS on progress being made on various cases that you are managing. This will give you competitive advantage and improve your service delivery.

4. Security: We understand that case information is many times sensitive and confidential, this system implements encryption to prevent unauthorized access of data or information as you use the system. The system provides security at multiple levels with a centralized security and a user set-up in a decentralized access environment. It also supports comprehensive auditing and audit trail features that monitor’s systems usage at any time.


For a demonstration or more information on our Enterprise Wide Integrated Legal Case Management System contact us today or book a call.